4406 Bayard Street @ Grand Avenue

If you would like to rent the apartment please click here to get a copy of the application, fill out the application thoroughly, and take it to the address above or call a representative. If we are not in the office please drop the completed application through the mail slot.


Please Attach the Following Items:

  1. A deposit check equal to one month's rent, which will be held uncashed until you are approved.
  2. Additional checks for $40 per person for a credit check. This fee is itemized as follows: $15.00 for a credit report and eviction search, $25.00 for the cost of verifying employment, previous rental history and other application information.
  3. A current pay stub for income verification or fax us a copy at 858-270-4066.

Approval of Application

It takes approximately 24-72 working hours for final approval. We can continue to offer the property until final approval, confirmation and a signed lease are completed.

Condition of the Dwelling

THE APARTMENT OR HOUSE YOU HAVE APPLIED FOR WILL REMAIN IN ITS CURRENT CONDITION UNLESS AGREEMENTS ARE MADE AT THE TIME OF APPLICATION other than the fact that all dwellings will be well cleaned, painted, the carpets will be cleaned and all necessary maintenance performed
(as defined by the management).

Lease Period

All units are rented on a six to twelve month lease unless otherwise specified on the rental list.


We qualify tenants on the basis of positive history in the following areas: previous tenancy, work experience, and credit history. Due to current market conditions if you have problems in any of these areas you are unlikely to meet our minimum qualifying standards. Further, first time renters, roommates exceeding number of bedrooms and some students are generally being passed up for more qualified applicants.


Birds and fish are allowed. Check on a per property basis for your cat. NO DOGS under any circumstances.

Still Looking?

Thank you and please keep us in mind as we have many other excellent units available in this area.