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San Diego continues to be one of the premier apartment ownership markets in the country. We have a fantastic tenant population, if managed correctly, can yield outstanding benefits for the investor in local apartments. A big part of making your investment successful is the management component. At Cal-Prop we provide the solution to your management needs tailored to your style within the context of the legal and business structures that we know work best.

Providing Value

Competitive Rates

We offer San Diego’s most competitive rates.

Quick Turns with High Quality Tenants

Your unit’s quick turnover is essential to maximizing financial returns and eliminating lost rental days. We turn our units in three to five working days.

Maximize ROI

We maximize rents while retaining the highest quality tenants.

  • Monthly market and rent analysis ensures your income is optimized.
  • We consistently conduct rigorous inspections to ensure everything is intact in your rental property and address any potential damage before it gets significant.
  • Our in-house team gives you better pricing and faster service to minimize vacancies while retaining tenants.

A Team at Your Disposal

At any one time depending on the issue, you have a full team working on your property including your VP, Property Manager, and Maintenance Supervisor, coordinator and technician. Great to have a team on your side creating solutions.


Daily Difference

Cal-Prop’s “daily difference” is using our experience to innovate and continually get just a little better each and every day. We do not rest on our laurels or success, always knowing there is room to improve. We continually adapt to the market and ever changing landscape. Tried and tested property management processes help you save time and money.

Effective Marketing and Advertising

Our team uses effective marketing tools to attract your potential tenants in less time

  • Extensive network to ensure you find the most suitable tenants.
  • Floor Plans online for prospective tenants to view!

Quality Tenants

    Our proprietary tenant screening process, quick turn practices, and all hands-on deck approach enables us to find and qualify quality tenants fast. We gear up for peak season by increasing staffing every year.

      • We pre-lease 90% of our upcoming vacancies.
      • We hold open houses to drive more traffic.
      • Thorough tenant screening ensures high quality tenants. We conduct a strict screening process, subjecting identity, employment, credit score, crime, and tenancy history to careful examination.
      • Online applications, rent payment, maintenance requests and forms for customer convenience.

      Once we secure high quality tenants, we retain them.

      • 90% of all tenant maintenance requests are fulfilled within two working days.
      • Your tenants have access to one point of contact to address their needs.

      Owner Communication

      Clear communication keeps you in the loop about the financial health of your properties. Our system allows you to customize the amount of communication you prefer about your asset starting with our Level One Owners who just want to interact with the monthly statements and ask us to apply our policies and procedures without much owner-manager interaction. Level Five Clients want to be involved daily and/or anytime anything significant arises.

      One Point of Contact

      You will have a single point of contact at Cal-Prop that will answer all of your questions whether they are about tenants, financial reports, maintenance or general questions about the state of the market and the ever changing legal landscape.

      Financial Reporting That Makes Sense

      Easy-to-read, no-nonsense reports offer clear explanations of cash flow, income and expenses. We include copies of key bills and any notes of explanation for your records.

      • Easy to follow Cash Flow reports.
      • You receive E-mailed reports or you can log onto the Portal and download your reports whichever you choose.
      • A full detail of all Move Out charges and Deposit returns.
      • Easy to follow Expense detail in matching order with the Cash Flow.
      Financial Report 1
      Financial Report 2

      Our Services Also Include:

      • Direct Deposit to Owners each month on the same day
      • Rules enforcement and tenant issue management
      • Annual safety inspections
      • Mold Certified Staff to eliminate issues quickly and efficiently
      • Emergency availability (24-hour line)
      • Resolve deposit return disputes
      • Water usage monitoring
      • HOA interface experts
      • Neighbor relations
      • Annual insurance review
      • Annual interior inspections of all units including review of tenancy, suggestions, and an update on the condition of your property
      • Asset oversight by seasoned property managers
      • Approved Vendor list honed by 38 years of experience

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      What People Are Saying About Us

      Apr 2, 2024
      Google - Bonita - Cal-Prop Management
      Very helpful and quick to answer questions even though the Office is still busy. I liked the Customer Service I got especially from the Receptionist.
      Mar 14, 2024
      Google - Erika - Cal-Prop Management
      Melissa Young has been the most professional and helpful representative I’ve had the pleasure of working with while navigating floods for a unit. Thank you !!
      Feb 23, 2024
      Google - James - Cal-Prop Management
      I have been using Cal-Prop Since 1990. They have always been responsive and addressed any questions I had. When work is needed on my buildings, they attend to it quickly. In addition, they follow-up with making sure the work is done correctly. Many times, they have gone above and beyond the scope of our contract. They have integrity. I would recommend them to anyone.
      Feb 6, 2024
      Google - Roslyn - Cal-Prop Management
      During the one cold day in San Diego - we managed to throw our apartment into a black out, running a trusty space heater. Since we work from home, this was quite the conundrum. Cal-Prop sent out maintenance (Chris) the same day, actually within the hour! Chris determined which outlet caused the issue and as he did, discovered that the majority of our outlets were in need of an update. Admittedly, our apartment is vintage (and we love it that way), but we don't use all of the outlets so we didn't realize the extent of the wear and tear on them, especially with the salt air which seems to destroy everything faster around here! Anyway, Chris did an incredibly job of replacing those, fixing 3 light fixtures in the apartment too whose wiring was causing them not to work (not a bulb issue) and also fixed the 2nd bedroom door that had expanded with heat and retracted with the cold, so much that it didn't fit in it's frame, flush. We're very happy with the speedy call to action from our Property Manager, Jaime & Chris' handy work. Thank you!
      Dec 22, 2023
      Google - Jessica - Cal-Prop Management
      Crystal did such a good job responding to my call when needed. They fixed my plumbing Issue. The plumbers were also very professional and nice . Robert
      Dec 18, 2023
      Google - Sebastian - Cal-Prop Management
      Living in a Cal-prop managed property has been an okay experience. The apartment is in good condition, but it's not perfect. Louis has been a helpful contact, especially when dealing with maintenance issues. Thank you!
      Dec 16, 2023
      Google - Miranda - Cal-Prop Management
      Crystal was amazing and so helpful throughout our entire lease! Thanks Crystal!!
      Nov 29, 2023
      Google - Caitlyn - Cal-Prop Management
      The maintenance guy, Tyler was a pre Christmas angel. I had about 4 things go wrong in the apartment and while he thought he was coming here to just fix blinds, he took care of everything else I needed in the apartment. He was so kind, super quick, and as quiet as he could be (I work from home and was on a call). He’s an amazing worker.
      Nov 21, 2023
      Google - Sheila - Cal-Prop Management
      They are very thorough. I am really pleased.
      Nov 21, 2023
      Google - Michael - Cal-Prop Management
      Mr. Barry is a true asset to cal prop. I have had them as my property management copy since the beginning or approx. 15 years. Company overall is a great company however Mr. Barry is professional, responsive, respectful and prompt when handling the issue with your tenants. I plan on staying with Cal prop for many more years because of him.
      Nov 14, 2023
      Google - Britt - Cal-Prop Management
      Very helpful and friendly!
      Oct 21, 2023
      Google - Kurt - Cal-Prop Management
      My guy Shay is doing a great job with my rentals and helping me rehab them when it's time!
      Oct 2, 2023
      Google - Justin - Cal-Prop Management
      I have dealt with Cal-prop throughout the years and have always found their service to be reliable and professional. The managers are polite and friendly and I would definitely mention Kerry Davis for her great communication. Thank you Kerry!
      Aug 7, 2023
      Google - Steven - Cal-Prop Management
      When looking for my apartment I contacted multiple property management companies. Although I did not choose a property with Cal-Prop, Crystal Kennedy still gave me an informative tour and reminded me to stay in touch if my current living situation needs to change.
      Jul 12, 2023
      Google - Chrissy - Cal-Prop Management
      Great customer service: responsive, empathetic, compassionate, and professional.
      Jun 30, 2023
      Google - Renee - Cal-Prop Management
      My family and I have lived here for awhile. We honestly appreciate Kerry Davis for being attentive, cooperative and compassionate. Thank you for all that you do.
      Jun 12, 2023
      Google - Allan - Cal-Prop Management
      Called in an issue with shower doors and spoke with Jaime who was friendly, empathetic and professional. Less than 24 hours later I got a text from Anthony who coordinated a time to meet and then arrived on time, as promised. Anthony not only made the repair, his thoughtfulness made the shower area better than ever! Immediately following the repair, Crystal, our Property Manager, followed up to ensure the repairs were done right. (Worth mentioning is Crystal's always sunny disposition! A real pleasure to work with.) Crystal, Jaime, and Anthony all went above and beyond in their attention to detail, coordination, and flawless execution. I strongly recommend Cal-Prop to anyone looking for their next San Diego apartment.
      Jun 6, 2023
      Google - Erin - Cal-Prop Management
      Very timely on an issue I was having! I was provided with very fast responses and my solution to my problem was solved fairly quickly. I’m super grateful to have a property manager as great as Crystal! Thank you again 🙂
      Jun 5, 2023
      Google - Precious - Cal-Prop Management
      I just want to say that Francisco Garcia went above and beyond my expectations. His professionalism and attention to detail is efficient and productive; he meet his deadline and delivered high-quality work. Thank you Francisco you're appreciated.
      Jun 1, 2023
      Google - Selin - Cal-Prop Management
      I wanted to thank Tyler for helping my whole building out! He got our water heater back up and going so quickly after we called in, he was also able to help me with another work order while he was here! Really grateful.

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