The property at 911-9 Diamond St in Pacific Beach is a property not uncommon for the beach.  It started with a small house on two lots built in 1910.   That house later had a porch added in the back that became two bedrooms prior to 1959 when all previous additions were grandfathered in.  Then a larger three bedroom two bath house was built in 1950 on the other side of the double lot.   After that in 1970 six (6) two bedroom two bath townhouses were built across the two lots with parking all across the alley giving the property eight units in total.  This is a great property, but the old house at 919 was in very old condition and need updating and the living room and kitchen were over sized so the unit never quite felt right.

Solution:   I consulted with the owner and suggested that we shrink the kitchen and pull some area from the living room to create closet space for the bedrooms.

What finally came to be was a two bedroom two bath with two generous size 12’ by 12’bedrooms with each having a nice size closet. There are two full baths with a stacked washer/dryer unit is one of the bathrooms.

The rent for this property is going from $1795 per month to $2995 per month after renovation and upgrades.  The property is currently under construction with completion due on January 15th of 2019.   Please view the before and after plans attached.